Caeli’s Words – A cornucopia of the muse of Caeli McKamey

I am invited to review the art blog of a fellow writer who I met on LinkedIn. The address ( is a very entertaining mix of written word, drawings, and paintings created by Caeli McKamey. Her mission statement is,

“Personality does not define intelligence.
Art has no perception of social separation, 
It is of intense expression
All and any art takes us away 
As we are a muse to the paint in it’s own way”
@ Caeli McKamey

I am not well-equipped to critique her paintings and drawings, but my husband, a professional artist, really admired her artwork. I found it quite appealing.

Her written art was much more appealing to me, as I fancy myself as a wordsmith. Her word paintings are prescient and very enjoyable.

Her essay, “When Will I Win The Lottery” ( is very topical and discusses some of the inequality that has come to more stark light since the “fix” we find ourselves in during the time of the plague we find ourselves in.

She examines gender and relationship roles in a modern light with her essay, “How To Own A Man And Put Him On A Pedestal” ( In it, she asks and answers the question, “A parody article switching the male gaze into the eyes of a woman. If roles were reversed, would men want to be treated like a woman, given certain factors staying the same?”

Her poetry is very beautiful and stark. Take, for instance, her poem “The Dove” ( She opines,

“you only see the price of love

once it rows across the ocean”


I invite you to give this artist a thorough look! Again, you can pour over her work at . Please check this out!

Rick Martin