Our Sunday at the Locks

Our Sunday at the Locks
Our Sunday at the Locks

Our Sunday at the Locks

It was my first time
At the Locks.
About time after living here
After 20 years here.

They were fascinating
Watching the water rush in
To carry the big boats up about six or seven feet,
The discrepancy between the Sound and the lakes.

Lots of traffic
From less expensive mooring
On the bay
As opposed to Lake Union.

Yet, Lake Union was where everyone wanted to go
There…or Lake Washington.
Through the Cut
Close to Portage Bay where the houseboats sat quietly.

We walked through the arbor
And chatted about things…
Our collective and individual pasts
And our present and future.

Someone brought up
My husband’s and my “date night”.
I mentioned that, after almost a dozen failed attempts at love
How important I’d found it to keep things fresh between my hubby and I.

And it had worked well
For the last decade and plus.
After our meandering
We ended up on Capitol Hill for cider and small bites.

What a wonderful evening
Capped off by hugs all ‘round.
Only the dog was unhappy at our late arrival,
Scolding us about our absence.

© Richard A. Martin, Jr. MD CPC 2016