First Snow

first snow
First Snow

First Snow

It was dark and still.
The flakes were as big as saucers
In the black night.

No one had scarred the white blanket
That stretched along the South side
Of the building.

He was a dog, five, going on six.
He had never seen this white expanse before.
It didn’t snow much in these parts.

But there had been diamond-clear days
For days before. Unusually cold, they
Had chilled everything to receive the dusting.

So, as the warm air collided.
Down came the wet snow,
Before the rain and warmth moved in to erase it all away.

And in the wonder of that snowy blanket, covering his lawn
He gavotted with joy formidable,
Scarring the clean white landscape.

So excited by this new and unique experience.
The cold melting with the heat of his paws.
The taste of the large flakes on his tongue.

He barked in sheer delight, his butt arched high,
While he leaned his chest into the puffy snow.
In the morning it was gone to muddy slush.

© Richard A. Martin, Jr., MD, CPC, 2016

When Ned came to the island with his dog

When Ned came to the island with his dog…


When Ned came to the island with his dog

When Ned came to the island with his dog
greeted by the men in bulging Speedos
some he knew and many that he didn’t
he saw the tip of an enormous iceberg
the submerged of which would quickly be revealed
men and women would die in agony and pain
Ned wanted to rise and rail and shout
urine on the steps up to the Capitol
never silent always loud and angry
in counterpoint to their deafening silence
and that accomplished his and their agenda
so that in these days the trigger has become
accepted resigned to and complacent
as if everything has now been put aright
The problem is that many still are suffering
but now the kettles taken off the boil
And all that’s left is us to brew the tea



© Richard A. Martin, Jr., MD, CPC, 2016