Serenity (For Debbi)

Serenity (for Debbi)
Serenity (for Debbi)

(for Debbi)


I am a lucky man;
Last week I dined with a goddess.
She was serene.
That serenity poured out to all…

I ate the Country Fried Steak.
The waitress laughed at the snappy banter,
We all were in the moment…safe and well…happy and focused.
That serenity poured out to all…

We looked at the bookstore,
Dawdled over Cranberry muffins and strong, rich Starbucks coffee,
Pulling ourselves from each other, but confident in our personal control over time.
That serenity poured out to all…

So, now – now that tomorrow has come and gone, leaving me behind,
Now that the sky cries and the moon is cut to a shred.
What now of serenity? Where is it? Has it left me empty and alone?
Where is…that serenity pouring out to all?

Beautiful angel…you ARE the Golden Eternity to me.
The knowledge that you and your soul mate occupy the same plane,
The peace to know, unequivocally, that this mortal coil has no more threat to you…
That serenity pours out to all…

And my hot tears run like water, when I’m alone, washing the sting of my selfish loss from my puny soul.
Fly on angel…steal a kiss for me…I see your tattoo

I see you in my mind’s eye…your hair is

© Richard A. Martin, Jr., MD, 1996